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Thank you for your interest in the products of our company. We specialize in products from softshell turtle.

Up to now, we have been farming and trading softshell turtle for more than 16 years. Currently, we have been exporting to markets such as the US, Japan, Canada, Cambodia, etc.

Thank you for your contact. Currently, we are exporting to markets such as the US, Japan… We have all the documents required to ensure the export of softshell turtles to foreign countries.

Thank you for your question, Tien Hau does offer processed and frozen softshell turtle products. We guarantee fresh and clean products, food safety and quality are guaranteed.

Here is the product price and shipping cost to the airport in Japan. (with price list)

Yes, about the issue of antibiotic residues in the softshell turtles, Tien Hau ensures that the softshell turtles are raised in a clean environment, without the use of antibiotics.

Here are some of images of our company.

With more than 16 years of experience in raising and trading softshell turtles, Tien Hau guarantee to provide the market with the best products, meeting all the strict requirements in fastidious markets such as the US and Japan.

With the motto of mutually beneficial cooperation, Tien Hau always wishes to cooperate with businesses and individuals to develop even more and make our products

Vietnamese softshell turtles – known to many markets around the world.

Tien Hau always wants to cooperate with big and reputable partners, when buying in bulk, Tien Hau always offers a preferential price for mutual benefits.